Fully Booked this Fall – Touring again in May


Two weeks away from a jam-packed tour mostly in the Eastern U.S., and I’m still getting flooded with requests to perform at schools. I’m so encouraged to see how many schools are making food allergy education a priority issue!

I have started taking bookings for May and early June and will be in my usual spots (NJ, NY, MA, CT) as well as moving westward to PA, OH and MI. Perhaps Illinois if there is enough interest. As always, just send me a note if you’re school might be interested and we can go from there trying to work out timing.

In the meantime, I’ve got a guitar to re-string, songs to practice and puppets to bring to life as I plan out another 30+ school tour this October!  Yeehaw!

Interviewed on Allergy Blog Awards UK

Fun time chatting it up and sharing stories and tips in this 27 minute long interview. Since this is my first post in over a month, I don’t think I’ll be winning a blogging award anytime soon! Sticking to songwriting!

Listen Here: http://allergyblogawardsuk.co.uk/kyle-dine-his-allergic-reaction-wake-up-call-allergy-music-for-children/

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Excellent Food Allergy Book for Teens

Food Allergy Canada has released a book for teens that I fully endorse. It’s titled “The Ultimate Guidebook for Teens with Food Allergies” and contains 21 chapters of insightful tips, stories and advice from teens. It’s not a “preachy” book at all – it simply delivers information that teens can relate to and learn from before they encounter tricky situations themselves.

A physical book is available through Amazon, or download the eBook for just over a buck. 


Food Allergy Assemblies – Booking for October


Hey Friends!

As Food Allergy Awareness Week wrapped up last week, my hope is that the momentum can continue throughout the entire year!

This spring, my family and I packed a van and hit the road together for an incredible tour adventure! I visited 50 schools and reached tens of thousands of students face-to-face. From coast to coast, the most encouraging thing that I noticed is how students have a genuine desire to learn about food allergies and how they can keep their friends safe. They just needed the opportunity.

I was thrilled by the feedback from teachers and school nurses after leaving my “Kyle Dine & Friends” DVD at every school. It’s a great way to reinforce key messages long after the assembly.

Good News! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be performing at schools again this October.

Tour dates are starting to fill up, so if you are interested for your school, please send me a note and I’ll get back to you right away regarding my availability for your area. I have lots of info about my shows at www.kyledine.com.

Hope to see you this fall!
Kyle Dine

Free Allergy Awareness Posters!

Just in time for Food Allergy Awareness Week, I have three posters available to download for free! You can print and post in your school, home, community center – wherever you want to raise awareness! Available now until the end of FAAW.

If you want to purchase high quality prints to be received in the mail, they are still available on my website – www.kyledine.com.

Poster # 1 -(right click to download)

2. Allergy Awareness Poster - Kyle Dine

Poster # 2 (right click to download)

3. Take Note Allergy Awareness Poster - Kyle Dine

Poster # 3 -(right click to download)

1. Allergy Awareness Poster - Kyle Dine