Back to School Allergy Awareness Time – SALE!

Back-to-School-SaleBack to school for many means buying new pencils, outfits and school supplies. For those affected by allergies, there is another element – making sure your child, your child’s teacher and the full school environment is prepared for a new school year of allergy safety.

It’s important to set the tone at the start of the year with food allergy awareness so students all understand what is/is not acceptable. The “Kyle Dine & Friends” DVD is an easy way to educate students just by pressing play. It covers all of the essential info for grades K-6, plus it’s incredibly interactive and features zany puppets, funky tunes and games.

I’m happy to offer a back to school allergy awareness bundle to help get allergy awareness off to a great start in your school!

For $25 you will receive:

  • Kyle Dine & Friends DVD
  • 3 posters “Food Allergies are No Joke”
  • 3 posters “Food Allergies – Take Note”

To order, simply visit



Allergy Awareness Poster – Featuring YOUR CHILD!

There was ONE really cool reward that was added so late in my Kickstarter campaign, it practically went unnoticed….

A food allergy awareness poster featuring your child’s photo!

Talk about a unique gift! 20 SPOTS LEFT, $25 to reserve yours + receive two 11×17″ copies. All $ directly supports DVD project.

Grab yours at


Image is a mock-up. This will be created by a professional graphic designer.




The $10 Sale Rolls On!









When I worked at a grocery store in high school, a manager always told me “Kyle! Stack ’em deep and sell ’em cheap”.

Well…I finally followed his advice and have been shipping out lots of CDs over the past week. The good news is that the sale still has ONE MORE WEEK to go!

This back to school “allergy care package” includes:

  • An autographed CD
  • A Food Allergies Rock! Bracelet, Guitar Pick AND Bracelet
  • ALL FOR $10!

Order soon at

Kyle Dine CD Sale

Kyle Dine’s Back 2 School Sale

Kyle Dine's Back 2 School Sale

What a great time of year to stock up on fun “Food Allergies Rock!” goodies for your child, school, friend or any person who hasn’t been introduced to music about food allergies!

You’ll get
– An autographed CD (Food Allergies Rock! Or You Must Be Nuts! Or both)
– A Food Allergies Rock! Guitar pick
– A Food Allergies Rock! Bracelet
– A Food Allergies Rock! Bookmark

Plus 1/2 off S&H!

Buy now at