Recording Vocals – Day 7

Kyle Dine Recording Vocals

Done Done and Done! The final vocals of the entire 14 songs are now complete! It was a 2 week process which has left my vocal chords strained,  my tea collection limited, and pardon my verb…but it also made me “Winnie The Pooh” my tub of honey!

The songs are sounding really cool. Since lead vocals are the one thing that most people here and judge right away, I am in a much comfier spot now to start showing off some of these tunes. Before when the songs contained “scratch vocals”, no matter how much I said “these aren’t the final vocals” everyone I showed the songs to would comment on subtle things about the vocal performance which drove me….wait for it……nuts! :0

I will start profiling some of the songs soon and unveiling sneak clips!

XM82U9CQA22J – Apparently if this code is in one of my blog posts, will recognize it in their system. I could have just let it float on it’s own, but I feared that some readers may think I fell asleep on my keyboard!