Hand Washing Rap for Kips

One of my favourite segments of Kyle Dine & Friends allergy awareness video is on hand-washing. It’s such an important message for kids to remember to wash their hands before and after they eat.

It helps keep everyone safe and healthy whether they have food allergies or not. It’s a key way to reduce cross-contact too.

This rap is a fun way for kids to remember the steps and do the actions along with the video. Enjoy!

“Food Allergies Rock!” – An Explanation


The song and motto “Food Allergies Rock” is one that I get questioned on frequently, leaving people often scratching their heads. Fair enough! It’s an odd statement!

However, I urge you to read this full blog post to see why I’m not crazy for saying “Food Allergies Rock”.

To completely contradict myself, let me start by saying that food allergies do not rock in the literal sense. We know what anaphylaxis is, what it can do, and how scary everything associated with it can be. No one signed up for food allergies, and given the opportunity, no one would. Who would want a relationship status with food that can be best described as “It’s Complicated”??

In my 30+ years of living with multiple food allergies (peanut, tree nut, egg, seafood and mustard), I’ve had a lot of low points and scary close calls. Some days I curse my allergies. Truth be told, I curse my asthma much more.

At the end of the day, I am an individual living with a severe but manageable health condition. I believe how I view my own allergies affects my own quality of life, and the perception other people have of me.

  • Do I want to feel and be viewed as a victim? No.
  • Do I want to feel and be viewed as someone living in constant fear? No.
  • Do I want to feel that life is always unfair and be viewed as someone who lives under a dark cloud? No.
  • Do I want to feel like a confident and normal person who is never slowed down by their food allergies? Absolutely.

I wrote “Food Allergies Rock” to flip my own perspective on my condition. If I can “rock” my food allergies, I will be more confident and empowered to stay safe. I choose not to let food allergies define me. I stay positive while staying safe. I read labels, carry epinephrine, ask the right questions at restaurants and more. I got this.

I know “Food Allergies Rock” a line that might be hard to grasp. But as someone who has the condition, this perception/self-talk/attitude has actually made me less of a risk-taker, and improved my overall quality of life. To me, that rocks!

With all of the other severe and unmanageable health conditions out there, I feel somewhat fortunate to have only food allergies. I’ve learned how to live with them, travel with them, the precautions needed, the ways to deal with frustrations, and how to rise above them to live live life to the fullest. If reading this makes you think, “wow, he really rocks his food allergies”, then you now know the power that a little catchphrase can have on the psyche.

I hope you and your kids can rock your food allergies too!

Educational Video about Food Allergies AND Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Allergy DVD Video
I’m mostly known for my songs about food allergies, but am also passionate about educating people about celiac disease and intolerances. Have you heard my song “Gluten-Free Blues“? I think there is a lot of confusion out there about the differences, but I also think it’s important to highlight the similarities.

For children, knowing the exact difference between food allergies and intolerances is not essential. Is it fair to expect that a 4-year old knows that anaphylaxis initiates in the immune system, and celiac disease occurs in the digestive system? Of course not. Keeping things simple for kids is the key when educating about such complicated things.

This is why I focus on four key messages that are universal to both conditions when teaching about them to children:

1. No sharing Food

2. Wash your hands before and after you eat

3. Respect for each others differences

4. Speak up and tell an adult if you see someone feeling ill

This type of messaging does not scare kids, yet empowers them to help people with allergies or intolerances.

This is the approach I am taking in my upcoming video “Kyle Dine & Friends” which will help educate children about food allergies, celiac disease, and intolerances.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund it ends on Dec. 21st. Pledge and get a limited edition reward today!