Now Booking for October 2017!

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Hey Friends!

Hope you had a great Easter! My little one is already 18 months-old and at the age where she gets very fixated on things. After our Easter egg hunt, she continuously searched for eggs around the house! This may continue for another month…

I’ve been tuning up my guitar and practicing “Food Allergies Rock!” in preparation for my allergy education school tour in May. I’m excited to be starting my journey in San Antonio to attend and speak at the FARE Conference. It’s a great schedule and I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Then it’s time to hit the road performing at schools all over the northeast. Since the Auvi-Q is now back on the market, I’m excited for my Q-Sader puppet to join me again. She has a hilarious Ed Sheehan cover planned 🙂

May and October Availability
My touring availability seem to be set in stone with me being available for school assemblies every October and May. I have only a couple dates available this May, but am now taking bookings for October, 2017.

Here’s where I will be headed: CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, MD, OH, PA, VA and WV

Please contact me for more info on availability.


Kyle Dine Assembly 1


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