The 2016 Tour Begins – California


The “Kyle Dine & Friends” 2016 tour moved out to the west coast for the first two weeks of February.

Was it a coincidence that I left the Canadian winter in February? Ahhhh maybe not!

The best part for me was not just the sunny skies, but being able to travel with my family. My wife and 4 month old daughter hopped on tour, and for the first time, I travelled with more people than puppets!

As always, the travel was the toughest part, especially with an infant in tow! With all of the music and baby gear, my wife and I managed to squeeze in a few shirts for ourselves! There was no place for my socks except inside of my guitar! But once we were up in the air, our little girl was great and we never had a hitch with getting a rental car, speaker rental and checking into our AirBnB house.

Highlights of our first week:
Staying in Santa Rosa
Performing at 8 schools
The Golden Gate Bridge
Downtown San Francisco including SuperBowl City
Winery in Sonoma

Highlights of our second week:
Staying in Fremont
Performing at 5 schools
Seeing our best friends who live in L.A. and flew up for the weekend
Avenue of the Giants (huge tall redwoods!)
Monterey Aquarium
Mountain hiking trails


Timber! Mesmerized by the giant redwoods!

And throughout the trip…a ton of great Mexican food which my wife and I both feel comfortable with with allergies and celiac disease.

It was busy to say the least! The school performances all went well and I was happy to educate so many students about food allergies in such a short span.

Now home for a rest and get our winter gear ready before we hit the road for 3 weeks on the east coast throughout NY, NJ and MA.

What a family adventure!


I’m going to miss this while touring the east coast in the winter!!


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