iMenu – A New Food Allergy Dining Out App

imenu image

As someone who travels extensively, I love seeing more options for people to access transparent information for restaurants. I’m happy to share this exciting new service!

Eating out or ordering takeout with a food allergy is risky game that many reject. Many of us resort to eating food almost exclusively at home. But what if someone made it easier and less worrisome to order allergy-friendly food? My friends at iMenus are building their allergy-friendly app that will be revolutionary for the food allergy and food intolerance community.

The iMenus app will let users order allergy-friendly takeout from their favorite restaurants via their smartphones. Instead of asking restaurant staff about menu ingredients — that they may or may not know about — the iMenus app will let you search by food that’s free of your specific allergens. Additionally, all menu items will include ingredient data gathered from trusted nutritional databases and often cross-checked again. Their comprehensive rating system will give you further peace of mind; it’s based on verified restaurant training, restaurant audits, and actual food allergy community user reviews.

The thing is, iMenus needs your help! On January 20th, they’re launching their crowdfunding campaign that will help them finish their app by this summer. To help them reach their funding goals, they’re throwing a social media flash mob to raise awareness of allergy-friendly dining and get the word out about their crowdfunding campaign.

Please consider joining their social media flash mob to help get the word out to the rest of the food allergy and food intolerance community.


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