DVDs Arriving This Week

Kyle Dine DVD Arriving September

This is the big week! After months and months of editing, language overdubs, finalizing artwork, and scrutinizing every single detail of this project, it’s finally done.

I am thrilled to be wrapping up this project! It has been a full year of work on top of my regular day job and 100+ school performances while touring. I’ve been busy. But the true secret of this video are the people that came together to make it a reality. The Kickstarter backers who believed in it, the “A-Team” who helped finesse the content themes, and the advisory team who helped me create the best possible script.

I received the first box yesterday in the mail – 90 DVDs in total. I was overjoyed to see them! I pick up the other 3,000 today. I was so happy to see it in real life after months of staring at clips and artwork on computer screens! It’s better than anything I ever imagined at the start of this project.

Looking forward to sending this to YOUR mailbox soon!

Official release will be September 22, but pre-order’s will ship in the meantime from www.foodallergyvideo.com

Here we go!


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