We Hit our Kickstarter Goal in 6 Days! Now What??

Kyle Dine Pledge Now Kickstarter

What a really fortunate position to be in!

The thing with Kickstarter is that you never really know how successful your campaign could be. It could be a flop, it could be a smash. I was overjoyed by the outpouring of support early on in my campaign from the allergy community, friends and family. It definitely takes a lot of the pressure off when you hit your goal so early.

So is that it?

No way!

 The Kickstarter campaign for “Kyle Dine & Friends” allergy DVD wraps up on Dec. 21st, 2014. During this time, I will keep reaching out to families, schools, media and more to spread the word. When I set my initial goal of $20,000, I purposely set the “bare minimum” amount I would need to create this video. Kickstarter uses an “all or nothing” approach. This means that if I didn’t hit my goal (even ending with $19k), I wouldn’t receive anything. I set a goal I knew I could achieve because I want this DVD to be a reality!!

Now that math gets simple. The more backers that pledge, the better the DVD will be. I will be able to add more graphics through the editing process, animation and better effects. I’m also really passionate about adding sub-titles so allergy education can be included for both French and Spanish speaking students. I will also utilize my video studio time to create a series of FREE educational clips for YouTube.

Plus, with every backer, we’re getting the DVD into one more school and potentially reaching hundreds of students!

For that fact alone, the number of backers for this project is so much more important than the number of dollars.

Help us reach more schools! Join in the fun and pledge today!


Stretch Goals Allergy Video


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