Allergy DVD Kickstarter – What a Weekend!

I’m sitting here having my Monday morning coffee finally catching my breath after the outpouring of support for our Kickstarter campaign this weekend. 72% funded in 72 hours…seriously?

I am beyond grateful to every one of you. If I haven’t sent you a personal thank you note, it’s coming.

I hope you realize that YOU will be the reason why kids will be educated about food allergies in schools for years to come. I want to recognize everyone who is a part of this unique and special campaign.

I have created a “Wall of Appreciation” where every single backer is listed (check it out!

Every brick counts. We are building something together that is bigger than me, bigger than you. It’s a community coming together to create change, and I hope you’ll join us to be a part of this movement!

Add your brick!
Pledge at


Backers behind food allergy DVD for schools

A screenshot of Kyle Dine’s “Wall of Appreciation”


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