A Positive “Open Letter” from Kyle Dine on his “Kickstarter Eve” to the Food Allergy Community

Hey Friends,

I do apologize in advance for posting a lot about my Kickstarter campaign (starting Fri. Nov. 21 at 8am) over the course of the next few weeks. It might feel like a telethon at times! I’ll try to keep it entertaining! But in six months from now, I promise you that we are going to celebrate the release of the an allergy education video that we will ALL have an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment from.

On the night before the campaign goes live, I feel cautiously optimistic, excited, and a tad nervous to be honest.

For me, the funding is obviously important, but ultimately it’s secondary. I could be looking for grants, taking out a loan, having a yard sale on Craigslist…but what I really want is for YOU to be a part of this. This is more than a DVD, together we’re using our collective voice and building a movement towards food allergy education in schools. Something I only wish existed when I was young – it would have made a difference in my life on several levels.

The one thing I know about the food allergy community, is that we are all ultimately trying to achieve the same goals in making the world safer for everyone affected by food allergies. It’s a network kind, giving and talented people that support each other, and a community of people that I am proud to call friends. Sometimes we duplicate each other’s efforts, sometimes we have different viewpoints – but we cannot deny our collective passion for the cause.

In the big scale of things, this video can unify us all, working together to fill an educational gap that schools are eager to address. I’m encouraged by the number of schools that currently request my allergy assemblies (I performed at 110 schools this year!) – there is momentum like I’ve felt before. But I feel we’re on to something way bigger with this resource. I’m excited of its potential reach, and most proud that allergy education will be accessible in your local library, and affordable for low-income schools who rarely have outside speakers.

Because it’s us funding it, the actual content of the video is going to be very pure and balanced – just like in my school shows. Of course, it will be reviewed by allergists, teachers and other professionals, but the content will ultimately reflect the key educational themes that food allergy parents have expressed are important to help others “get it” when it comes to food allergies: Understanding, Empathy and Support.

I chose Kickstarter as I honestly believe it’s the best way to mobilize a community for greater good. It’s so rewarding to build something huge from the ground up with others who share the same passion.

I think what I’m most nervous about is the fact that Kickstarter/crowd-funding is new or foreign concept to many of us and may seem like a barrier to supporting this project. I think you’ll love it! You’ll find the most unique birthday/holiday gifts ever on it! Only this past summer, I supported my first campaign: No-Nut-Butter by the Sneaky Chef. She raised enough to make her new allergy-safe spread a reality, and I’m thrilled that I could be a small part of that. (It’s delicious BTW).

If you support food allergy education in schools, I’m asking you to believe in me and join us in being part of this incredible journey together.

This is handy: “Kickstarter 101” for a quick overview of how it all works. https://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/kickstarter%20basics

Let’s rock and roll folks!

Kyle Dine

PS- Details about my campaign –> http://www.foodallergyvideo.com


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