VIDEO: Sloane Miller & Kyle Dine – Allergies Don’t Need to Stop You!

Ever heard of an “allergy duet” before? I’m not sure I have either until this past week when I took the train down to Manhattan and met with Sloane Miller.

Sloane, who also is known as “Allergic Girl” is a good friend of mine who is a food allergy coach and a talented author (read her Allergic Girl book!). What I didn’t know is that she can also carry a tune and has a great voice! I’m also happy to have her support as a sponsor on my “Let’s Go Nuts!” tour.

We started working on a song together this winter from opposite sides of the earth via email with the ultimate goal of recording it in an amazing location someday like Central Park in Manhattan. Well…sometimes wishes come true!

After a big hug at the corner of the park, we ventured in and caught up and talked about life and…you guessed it – allergies! We found a great location and then rehearsed the song together for the very first time. I was amazed how quickly things started to gel and the song came to life! I love the final product!

We hope you enjoy!


Allergies Don’t Need To Stop You

© Kyle Dine and Sloane Miller

I’m an allergy girl
And I’m an allergy guy
I can do almost anything
And I’m willing to try

I can jog in Central Park
I can play sports and the guitar
So we have a couple allergies
Doesn’t mean we can’t go far.

I can eat safely at a restaurant
I’ll make the reservation, what food do you want?
I can climb a mountain, be on top of the world!
I can make new friends, you’ve got one in this girl!

I’m an allergy girl
And I’m an allergy guy
I can cook nearly anything
And I’m still… willing to try!

I can live in the big city
I can live in the countryside
Wherever we’ll be, allergy free
Is possible for you and I

I can read a label like I’m reading a book
But you gotta double check, here I’ll give it a look
I can draw, paint, build, camp, dance and sing
It’s cool to know we can do anything

I’m an allergy girl
And I’m an allergy guy
And whether you’re young or old
Whether you have many or few
Allergies, don’t need to stop you!

Or me, or you, or him or her, or any of you!


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