10 Crazy Days on the Road

The biggest driving parts of the tour are nearly complete! Time to get to the clustered northeast shows.

The biggest driving parts of the tour are nearly complete! Time to get to the clustered northeast shows.

I have never covered so much ground in such a short time. Over the course of the past 10 days, I visited Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois…and Washington D.C.

Here’s the recap:

Last Thursday and Friday, my parents and I had a great time watching live music on the hip 6th Street of Austin. We then kicked back on the beautiful Riverwalk in Austin. I was sad to see them fly back to Canada the next day as I really enjoyed having their company for a portion of the trip! Then I had the biggest drive of my life – a 15 hour power drive from Austin to Denver. It wasn’t too bad as the weather was great, and the Jim Henson biography audiobook I listened to was excellent. What a puppet pioneer!

Next was a fun community show in Loveland, CO followed the next day with a local school show.IMG_6021

That night I did something that I spontaneously decided upon the week before…I jumped on a red-eye flight to Washington, D.C. My wife was there for work and I had a 3 day break and just couldn’t resist seeing her after one month apart!

I got in early the next morning and tracked her down! She was busy with work, but we managed to squeeze in time riding bikes all around D.C. and meeting up with friends. The cherry blossom trees were just spectacular.

We are so used to “goodbyes” but as always, it was not easy this time knowing we have another two months apart. Nonetheless, flying out to D.C. was such a good decision and I felt inspired and rested for the next leg of my tour.

D.C. in April is just beautiful!

D.C. in April is just beautiful!

Speaking of the tour – I then picked up where I left off in Denver and was blown away by the rocky mountains. I had a moment I will never forget watching a colourful Colorado sunset over the rockies from the view of a hotel hot tub! Perks of the road! I performed the next day at a school in Dillon, then headed to Boulder for a support group show the following day.

Now, I thought I was smart planning a tour where I wouldn’t see any snow. NICE TRY! Thanks to the mid-west, I received snow, ice, hail and all that lovely stuff driving through Nebraska and Kansas. I drove very carefully and dreaded getting out for gas in the blustering mid-west winds with my light spring jacket. Packing lessons learned!

It has been a crazy 10 days, but I’m enjoying having two nights in the same hotel near Chicago. After driving over 7,000 miles, staying in one spot for an extra day goes a long way!

A few shows in Illinois and Michigan this week, then heading home for Easter to spend the weekend with my family and rest up for the next leg of the “Let’s Go Nuts!” Tour.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Easter weekend!

PS – I just love this song, AND movie!


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