Performing at the Blue Bird Cafe

Kyle Dine performing at the Blue Bird Cafe


I love it when my bucket list gets one item shorter! The other night that was exactly what happened after I played an open mic at the legendary Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville!

I was incredibly lucky to even get into the jam-packed small cafe, let alone perform. I met an incredibly nice guy in the lineup before hand who pulled some strings to get my name into the hat. I was then blown away when my name was picked 7th and built up some guts and battled some nerves during the 6 performances before mine!

I played a song that I wrote for my wife called “The Sweetest Thing”. Yes…I don’t only write songs about food allergies! I was definitely nervous and am smacking myself on my forehead for messing up the bridge in the song!! Ah well, the fact that I can say I played on that stage is all I needed to be flying high for a long long time!

In case you’re interested in seeing the video, here is a link to “The Sweetest Thing“.


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