One Month Before a Tour

Long time no update! Obviously blogging more was not one of my New Years resolutions!

After my fall tour that lasted for 2.5 months and took me all over the east and west coasts, I have had a great winter at home reunited with my wife. I have really enjoyed the down-time and opportunity to take a little break from music. We had an incredible Christmas where we travelled with friends and really soaked up the holiday spirit. It was also great to start playing hockey again this winter!

My spring tours have typically been shorter than my fall ones because of the heightened back-to-school demand. This year, it doesn’t seem to be the case. I am booked solid for another 2.5 months on the road and literally travelling across America. From Boston in the east, Austin in the south, Denver in the west and Chicago in the north. Glad my rental car will have unlimited miles!

With one month to go before I hit the road, I’m starting to tackle a long to-do list of tour-related planning. I’m recording new hilarious bits for my puppets and adding some new funs songs to my shows. Planning tour logistics always takes a ton of time, but is a nice job to multi-task on while watching Olympic hockey! Double checking every single school address with Google Maps, finalizing paperwork, estimating driving times and maybe even booking some accommodations if I get to it…thank goodness for drive-up motels!

I have a mix of emotions leading up to the big tour, from excitement to nervousness. However I know that once I’m up on stage again in front of 100’s of kids, I am doing what I love and will discover that I remembered how to ride the bicycle again!



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