The West Coast Tour Begins

I arrived on the west coast this Thursday after a crazy day of travel. I started in Watertown, NY with a 7am ET flight, and ended up in Seattle in the early afternoon. I hopped on the light rail with all of my music equipment and headed downtown to grab a rental car. Then I went to a music store, pick up my speakers and drove for 4.5 hours out to Spokane. By the time I arrived, I was beyond exhausted!

My first show was the next morning at the First Presbyterian School and went great! I was relieved to unpack all of my equipment without forgetting anything at home! The new speakers sounded great too! That evening, Jodie Hommer from Team Anaphylaxis organized a public concert at Gonzaga College. It was AWESOME! An unbelievable turnout fuelled a fun Friday night show with lots of dancing and singing in one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever played in.

Today I performed at the FARE walk in Seattle. It was a rainy day so I performed inside. It was a complete thrill to be accompanied for two songs by the Hot Cider String Band which is Kelly Morgan’s (from WA FEAST) family band. We rehearsed the night before and actually put together a couple videos! Check them out!

Tomorrow I perform at two Seattle schools before heading down to Oregon.

It will be a busy month on the west coast, but it’s already off to a great start!

Greetings from road,


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