The No Biggie Bunch


If you know my music, you know that my songs are very upbeat and always carry a positive and optimistic message. This is no fluke! Studies show that children with food allergies have a higher quality of life when they maintain a positive attitude over their food allergies.

When I first read one of “The No Biggie Bunch” books, I fell in love with the positive tone and and characters who are not only empowered over their allergies, but also help educate their friends. Essentially, if I were ever to write a book, it would be “The No Biggie Bunch”!


The title of the gang is really fitting. Food allergies are “no biggie” once you know all the steps to stay safe. We all know that there is a long adjustment period after diagnoses, but it’s important that children begin to accept and learn to thrive with food allergies.

The five “No Biggie Bunch” books can help allergic kids become more comfortable with their food allergies. The unique allergic characters, and one character who has no allergies, give kids someone to identify with – I personally like Eliot who is also allergic to eggs!

The books are also great classroom resources that can teach non-allergic kids to understand allergies and how they can keep their allergic friends safe. One of the books, Everyday Cool with Food Allergies, a No Biggie Bunch collaboration with allergist Dr. Mike Pistiner, teaches kids (and grown-ups) food allergy management in a positive, friendly way.


The two No Biggie Bunch creators, Heather Mehra, a mother of food allergic children, and Kerry McManama, a writer and champion of kids with food allergies, use situations and feelings unique to children with allergies which kids can identify with.

There is always at least one No Biggie Bunch book in my guitar case ready to go should I ever be around a group of children for some story time before or after a concert.

Check out all of these awesome books at

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