Team Anaphylaxis – Education, Advocacy and Support

Team Ana 2013 SG4M

Have you heard of Team Anaphylaxis? It’s a group of parent advocates that push for what’s right for allergic children. I admire their drive and passion to make a difference, and their willingness to stand up against anything and anyone who is unfavorable to our cause. They also have the coolest logo I’ve ever seen – a hockey jersey with 911 on the back! Their mission is as follows:

Team Anaphylaxis is a grassroots effort to advance the Civil Rights and fair treatment of those affected with Anaphylaxis. As parent advocates we are committed to educating the public about food allergies and anaphylaxis, a life threatening and legally recognized disability. We equip, empower and support parents with the tools and resources necessary for the successful management of this highly complex, chronic health condition. We seek to promote the fair treatment and inclusion of all individuals. We believe food free classrooms provide the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) to ensure a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

I highly recommend that you “like” Team Anaphylaxis on Facebook. Their graphics, info-graphics and quotes are really moving, educational and provide a perspective that always makes me appreciate their insightfulness.

You can learn more about Team Anaphylaxis on their website –


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