HomeFree Treats – Safe and Delicious!


I remember the first time I ever tried HomeFree cookies. I was performing at a FARE walk in Boston and was roaming around meeting some of the vendors. I met Jill Robbins, a mother of a child with food allergies and the founder of HomeFree and had a great conversation with her. I remember being so impressed with her company’s dedication to making snacks that were not only delicious, but were safe for families dealing with food allergies.

I then tried one of their cookies. The chocolate chip cookie to be exact. I was blown away and may or may not have asked for seconds… 🙂 Nowadays, when I depart for my road trips, I always treat myself with Home Free cookies as my safe snack on the road. I truly get excited when I see a new flavour available! They are healthy – whole grain, all natural, Non-GMO Verified, and they available in US and Canada. In Canada they are in Target and in a growing number of natural food stores.

I crossed paths with Jill on several occasions over the years and started to notice one thing about her. She truly listens to my music. More than that, it seems she listens to every word of my lyrics. I know this because she has come up to me after several of my performances and expressed how she values my songs and their importance to allergic children. This means a lot to me as I have spent so much time creating these songs so children can learn and become empowered through them. I love hearing that parents appreciate this, but think it’s remarkable that a company CEO does too.

That’s the type of company HomeFree is. They are a part of the allergy community, creating products that make life a little easier for those affected by food allergies. To me, they are more than just safe cookies, they are great cookies! They were featured on the Today show last fall as one of 4 recommended back to school snacks, not as allergy friendly cookies but as delicious healthy cookies.

If you have not heard of their superhero contest, I urge you to check it out at: bit.ly/AllergyContest. I am happy to announce that I will be writing a special song for the winners of the contest!

Visit HomeFree at www.homefreetreats.com

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