China Preparations

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Only two more days until I leave for China. I am beyond excited at this point!

A few last minute preparations that we’re on our to-do list this week:

1) Grocery shopping – we stocked up on a lot of food. I think we will will fill a full suitcase. Between my wife’s gluten-free products and my go-to foods, we grabbed a lot of dry goods like pasta, cereals, cookies, crackers, chips and a few candies too! We also got many safe spice mixes so we can whip up easy meals in our hotel room using a grill (which we hope to purchase right away).

2) Insurance – I’ll admit that I got this a few weeks ago as it was needed to apply for a travel visa. However, we made sure to get a folder with all of our essential travel documents so they are easy to access. I have never needed to use my travel insurance before, and I hope it will stay that way!

3) Allergy Translation Cards – My wife and I have our individual cards from and a chef sheet explaining cross contamination in Simplified Chinese.

4) Medicine – I’ve got all of my auto-injectors ready to be packed in my carry-on. I always keep my essentials with me at all times. I will also have some food in my carry on in the case our luggage doesn’t make it right away.

Now that I’ve got the important stuff taken care of, I can focus on the last minute craziness of trying to find matching pairs of socks and that sort of thing! 😉


2 thoughts on “China Preparations

  1. Sounds like you have it all covered Kyle! What a great adventure to embark on.

    Can I ask you, how many auto-injectors are you taking? Do keep them all in your carry on or put some extras in your luggage?

    Bon voyage!


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