Last School Show of Road Trip


Tomorrow marks the very last school show of my “Road to No Reaction” Tour. It has been a long haul to say the least. I have been on the road since April 23rd and am looking forward to some time with my folks before heading off for a few camp performances in MN and AZ.

After 50 shows I feel so comfortable delivering my performances and have so much fun trying out new elements, connecting with new audiences and spreading allergy awareness in as many places as possible. I look back at how I felt mid-April, one week before the tour started and smile. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous and found it hard to believe I would be back performing in schools after a six month layoff. I am lucky that it all comes back to me like riding a bike.

I am happy to report that after 1.5 months of shows:

– Children genuinely want to learn more about allergies and how they can help keep their friends safe.

– Children already have a great base of allergy knowledge. I give credit to schools everywhere for making this a bigger issue for their students.

– Teachers are so appreciative of the shows as their students learn more about a very important topic in a fun way. I can only imagine the number of questions they received after my assemblies as there was never enough time to answer all of the students’ questions. I thank them for continuing the lesson well after the show.

– Principals are implementing positive steps and policies that ensure allergy safety in their schools in an achievable way.

– Lastly, the best feedback I could ever receive happened many times on the tour with the question: “Can we book you again next year?”

See you in September!


One thought on “Last School Show of Road Trip

  1. Kyle you touched so many children in the 2 days you were here in Central Mass so we thank you. My son saw you wearing your epi-belt and bracelet and now wants to wear his. We have talked so much about his safety since he met you a little over 24 hours ago. So thank you for making my constant “wear your epi-belt” battle a bit easier today. You are a life changer and I can’t wait to see you again next year! ~ Marci – Central Mass Parents of Children with Food Allergies Support Group

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