Meet Igor – My Awesome Road Trip Buddy


Last Sunday my good friend Igor flew all the way from Slovenia just to join me on my U.S. “Road to No Reaction” Tour. I was so happy to have him join me as traveling alone at times can be difficult and downright lonely!

Our first road trip adventure was four years ago when Igor flew over and joined me for a tour of New York, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee. After our amazing time together, we quickly labelled Nashville as one of our favorite cities in the world!

As well as being a great friend, he also has been helping with setting up each one of my shows – lugging equipment which goes a long way in helping me save energy for my performances. He is a master navigator and great radio DJ too! The long drives on this trip haven’t always been easy, but time flies with our long conversations and also when howling together to comedy radio!

Every day after my performances, we always try to go somewhere and put on our tourists hats. Highlights have been going on a tour of Fenway Park, seeing Plymouth Rock, seeing a Broadway play in NYC and staying a night in Cape Cod. We’ve truly loved learning more about The U.S. together and are constantly overwhelmed by how nice and kind Americans have been to us. The incredible Uzzell, Klein and Fromer families opened up their homes for us and many more have given us many road trip snacks and goodies along the way. We are so appreciate of all of them.

We will have many photographs from our trip and memories and stories to last a life time.

I’m lucky to have such a great friend who would book a crazy expensive plane ticket, take time away from his life, family and work and help me out on tour and with my mission of raising allergy awareness.

Not to mention he doesn’t get sick of my shows after seeing them day after day!

Thanks Igor!


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