My Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

Packing for a month long road trip is no easy task! It takes a lot of planning and organization…and of course…last minute craziness like any trip! I now have a “To-Pack” list that I can use for future trips to ensure that I don’t forget anything, but I wanted to share my most important things that always accompany this food allergy musician when he hits the road.

Kyle Dine on road

Packed and ready to hit the road!

My Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

1. GPS – I can’t believe I used to print out maps! Navigating through big cities was a nightmare. Now my Garmin Nuvi steers me where I need to go and helps me be on time so I’m never ever late for a performance.

2. This American Life Podcasts – If you have never listened to this show – please do! They are a great listen and help pass the time on long road trips.

3. Hand Sanitizer – I know that soap and water is the best way to get food proteins off your hands, but after a show filled with many high fives with children, I am quick to grab my hand sanitizer afterwards to help me stay healthy!

4. Insurance – As I’m a canuck, I make sure to get a good travel insurance policy when travelling in the U.S. It’s risky travelling alone with allergies, but I make sure to cover my bases and have a wallet card with my policy with me at all times. Never had to use it, hope I never will!

5. Allergy Safe Food – I always have a few bags filled with peanut free granola bars, fruit, beef jerky, and some sugary snacks in the case I have trouble finding allergy safe food elsewhere.

6. Coffee – My drink holder always has a cup of coffee in it! I love a good morning cup of Joe to start every day to get a boost of energy before I hit the stage.

7. Berks! – My Birkenstock sandals are the “treat for my feet” after running around a school gymnasium in my high top sneakers.

8. The Envelope – I thank my mom for this one. I need to keep all of my receipts during my trips and keep them organized in an envelope to ensure I don’t lose any in my seat cushions or by flying out the open window!

9. iPad Mini – This was my big treat this year 🙂 I love it! It’s been essential for me to make bookings and communicate with upcoming shows while on the road. I use McDonalds as my office due to their free wi-fi. Thanks Ronald! It also allows me to make Skype calls to my wife and family. They just love seeing me pop up on their screens in the most random places!

10. The Itinerary – This tour I have over 50 performances! I make a very detailed trip itinerary before I leave and follow it to the letter. It contains every time, address, and road distance that I need to keep in mind when getting from one place to the next. I get so busy on the road that it’s nice to have a piece of paper that tells me what to do and where to go!

Lastly, I have my EpiPen and Allerject with me which go without saying! They go with me absolutely everywhere I go whether I’m on the road or not.

What are your road trip essentials when travelling with food allergies?


One thought on “My Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

  1. When my daughter was young, it was a cheap beach towel. Maybe I’ve watched too many Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I never travelled without my trusty towel!
    It made a great table cloth, seat cover or picnic blanket-protecting her tender skin from potential allergens, it was handy as both a facecloth and towel if she did end up with a contact reaction.
    It was a blanket in the extra chilly grocery store, or a sunshade at nap time and always a familiar and soft item to sooth her when anxieties sprang up.

    Now that she’s big, we carry wipes and a can opener because I can often make do where ever I am, but I just can’t bring myself to use other peoples can openers…how do you clean those things? I must have 12-15 can openers now and I refuse to buy another! 😛

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