My First Sponsored Tour


Dear fans, friends, and supporters,

After performing at schools across North America for 6 years, I have decided to bring in sponsors to the mix.  I am still a fully independent musician and educator and will never include any advertising of any kind in a school setting. The messaging that I provide to students about food allergies has always been, and will always be pure without any type of hidden agenda. On a side note – one guy once accused me of being the Bob Dylan of the allergy world and that I was trying to influence legislation in British Parliament through music! Ummm Nope!

I know the first thing that many people think about when they hear the word “sponsor” is money. Please let me assure you that this is not the case with me. I have given companies and organizations the chance to sponsor my “Road to No Reaction” tour for three main reasons:

  1. To grow the reach of allergy awareness – Although I will be raising awareness for their product/service, they will also help raise awareness about my music and performances – which ultimately will lead to more opportunities to educate others.
  2. To let the allergy community know about products/services I support I am not promoting random things like aluminum foil 🙂 I would also never promote a product/service that I don’t believe would help the allergy community. Please view my sponsors as companies/organizations that have my stamp of approval!
  3. To invest in what I do I try to keep my speaking fees as low as possible to prevent the cost of my shows from being a barrier to schools. The additional money I receive from sponsorship will go directly back into my show in the form of new equipment/props and assist with the development of an educational resource binder that I will leave behind at every school to help keep the message going long after my visit.

So does this mean I’m going to perform with logos tattooed all over my body!?

Absolutely not! 

But here’s what you can expect over the coming weeks as I embark on my largest tour to date:

  • A blog post and a Facebook post about each company/organization
  • Kyle Dine “original” jingles written for the top level sponsors
  • Logos seen in various places including my website and Facebook timeline banner

I am very excited to share more info about all of my tour sponsors with you soon! I have spoken to all of them and know first hand they are all as passionate about raising food allergy awareness as I am. I am grateful that they are “all aboard” the tour and that they support my passion to educate children about allergies.

I would like to personally thank Jodie Hommer from Team Anaphylaxis, and Lisa Horne from the Arizona Food Allergy Alliance for their help in showing this newbie the ropes of sponsorship.

I appreciate your understanding and hope to see you on tour!


PS – Please check out my sponsorship package to see all of the cool ways sponsors will be integrated into my tour.

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