Allergy Aware Companies – Join the Tour!

Tour Sponsorship

As my tour starts in only 3 weeks, I am now in full planning mode! It will undoubtedly be my busiest allergy awareness tour to date with:

  • 31 Days of Performances
  • 50 Performances
  • Approximately 15,000 people reached
  • Shows in Ontario, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, and Arizona

I am excited to announce that this will be the first time that I am bringing sponsors on board. As I travel across the country I want to help others learn about allergy aware companies that I believe in. There are so many companies that are providing amazing products, services and resources that it can almost be overwhelming to know what’s what. I hope by aligning with certain companies that my fans can learn more about companies that may make their lives easier. I have been in direct contact with companies that I would like on board and so far I’ve had a really positive response!

Proceeds will help me revamp my show as well as assist with costs of putting together a food allergy resource binder. My goal is to give all of the schools I perform at worksheets and resources that will keep allergy education going long after my performance.

I have three fun sponsorship levels that companies can select:

  • Ukulele
  • Banjo
  • Guitar

The one deliverable I’m most excited about is to write a jingle for Guitar level sponsors. Jingles are one of my favourite types of songs to write! I am a jingle junkie and have a little TOO much appreciation for all of the old gum jingles – “Big Red” being my all time favourite!

Take a peak at all of my sponsorship levels for my upcoming “Road to No Reaction” Tour at:


One thought on “Allergy Aware Companies – Join the Tour!

  1. Good luck with the tour, it’s going to be great. I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for some blogging awards. You can see it on my blog post today. Thanks for all that you do.

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