Song Stories – “I Wrote a Song About Allergies”


Welcome to my first “Song Stories” post! This is something I’ve meant to do for a long time as I often receive questions about my songs and the stories behind them. It’s fun for me to reminisce about writing my songs because song-writing to me is like collecting old pictures. They provide memories and a snapshot of that period in your life.

First up, the 1st song from my 1st album: I Wrote a Song About Allergies which was written in 2006.

Camp shananagans

Camp shananagans

Working at a summer camp was one of the best decisions of my life. I never went to overnight camp as a kid – mainly due to allergy concerns. However at age 19 I got a job teaching guitar at a camp and felt like it was the greatest summer job (plus the camp was nut free). I knew camp was a fit for me right away. It’s a fun and friendly environment that really stirs creativity by making fun programs for kids.

My sole guitar staff member Daniel and I came up with the idea to have a camp wide song-writing contest for the campers. However our dilemma was how to promote it. What better way to promote a song-writing contest than writing a song about it! And that’s when we grabbed our guitars, strummed a G chord, and out came “I wrote a song….and it’s all mine, no one else’s, it’s just mine”. We then rambled along where the song was coming from in addition to the heart. “And it comes from my ears and toes and my itty bitty nose etc. etc.”. It was a hit when we played it for the entire camp! A few weeks later we were swamped judging all of the amazing songwriting entries from creative campers.

To me, this song spawned creativity in others and that made me happy. When I decided to put together a CD of songs about allergies, I naturally chose to rework this one as I knew it had a catchy melody, it had a fun tempo, and could easily list off so many allergens! After a few edits, presto!

The most common question I get about this song is “Are you really allergic to all of those things?”. My answer: “No, but even if I was, a song about all of the foods I CAN eat would be so much longer”.

Lyrics to “I Wrote a Song About Allergies!”

I wrote a song just for me
All about my allergies

Cuz I’m allergic to
Eggs and wheat and nuts and meat, avocado and kiwi aren’t a treat
Milk and cheese don’t feed me please, dairy, cherries and all the other berries

I wrote a song just for me
All about my allergies

Cuz I’m allergic to:
Shrimp and juice, and great big moose, I can’t eat birds but I’ve never tried goose
My lips feel numb when I eat a plum, but apples and bananas make my tummy say yum!

I wrote a song just for me
All about my allergies

Cuz I’m allergic to:
Sour cream dips and chocolate chips, corn on the cob gives me swollen lips
Mould and moss and soya sauce, mom’s meatloaf is no big loss

I wrote a song just for me
All about my allergies

Cuz I’m allergic to:
Leafs and greens, and lima beans, I never had potato with sour cream
I can’t eat beats, or tasty treats like broccoli and cauliflower or anything that’s sour

I wrote a song just for me
All about my allergies

But at least I’m not allergic to… quick, what’s your favourite food?



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