On the Road Again



Off I go! It’s a beautiful time of year for a road trip and I couldn’t be more excited to have a week full of school food allergy awareness assemblies in the north eastern U.S. As always, it will be quite a bit of driving, but I am lucky to see many friends along the way and meet new incredible folk that inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing.

I have been practicing my songs on and off for the past few weeks (it was nice to have a summer break!) and had a full amplified “dress rehearsal” in my basement today. I find the songs are engrained in me, but it’s the messages in between the songs that are really the most important to practice. The songs simply introduce key topics, but it’s the speech afterwards that really drills it home.

For instance, when I play the song “Food Allergies Rock!” at schools, the song by itself may comes across as a bit of a head scratcher. But I always combine it with a segment where I get everyone to close their eyes and think of one thing that makes them different from the students beside them. That one thing is what makes them unique, and we should all celebrate our differences because that’s what makes us special. By this point, kids are excited for the song and truly buy into the general theme that “our differences rock!” which is a much needed message in this day and age with bullying being such an issue.

Nonetheless – the dress rehearsal went well with me doing a lot of talking to myself and to any stuffed animal in the room! I am now very excited to kick off my new back to school tour and help raise awareness about anaphylaxis to thousands of more people.

On the road again…


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