Summer Update

Hey folks,

Happy summer! I hope that you are finding lots of time to enjoy the best parts of the season. I’ve been busy adapting to Slovenian life and am currently taking summer school for Slovenian language. I was very lucky to spend a weekend on the seaside in Croatia with friends and visited an incredible fortified village named “Motovun” that is located on a hill.

This fall is already looking very busy for school shows back home. I will be spending a week on the road in the north east, and then two…yes two full weeks in San Francisco! (I am grinning ear to ear!) I am excited to hear that there is so much interest in allergy awareness in one area.

I am all booked up for U.S. shows this fall, but am still available in Ontario in October. I will gas up the car and be back on the road in the U.S. in April/May 2013. If you are interested in allergy awareness assemblies at your school, please drop me a line! 

Have a fun and safe rest of the summer,


Kyle Dine in Croatia

Motovun, Croatia


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