3.5 Months in Europe

I find it highly ironic that my first blog post about living in Europe is the day I’m packing up to go back to Canada.

I had good intentions of keeping people posted on what life is like over here in the tiny country of Slovenia, however I think my blogging absence almost speaks for itself. As I imagine many of us will agree, it’s nice to have a break and come out refreshed. That is exactly how I feel today – refreshed.

I will dig deeper into the world of food allergies & Europe later on, as for now I would love to share with you how much I’ve enjoyed living here since mid-January.

If I were to narrow down my top 3 favourite things about living here, they would be:

1. Slower Paced Life – this is not a hustle & bustle lifestyle. People take their lunch breaks, and then many coffee breaks. Overall, it’s been nice to actually tackle my to-do list rather than expand it.

2. Vibrant Culture – I am very proud to be Canadian and love our culture. However it’s been eye-opening to find how important culture is here. One of the biggest national historical icons is a poet and they absolutely love to polka (I have actually joined in polka jams on guitar!)
As a friend told me after playing a nostalgic Serbian song on guitar – “music and art is all that we have left to remember Yugoslavia”.  In hard times of war and political reform, it’s a strong culture that helps binds people together.

3. Social Appreciation – everything is very community oriented here. There are the ever-popular firefighter parties in all villages that bring everyone together. I was particularly amazed by their winter celebration. On the coldest days of the year, the capital of Ljubljana is packed with people celebrating winter by hanging outside by the Christmas market, drinking hot wine, and listening to live music. They truly embrace winter.

Overall, I am very happy living here and will thoroughly enjoy this chapter in my life for however long it may last. As for now, I need to pack a suitcase of European goodies to take back to my family and friends.

I will be back in Canada for just over a month and am very excited to get back at performing food allergy assemblies in schools! I will keep you posted from the road on my Facebook page.

Wishing you the very best,

PS – In case you are wondering, the first thing I will want once back in North America is a Tim Horton’s Coffee!!!!


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