New Kyle Dine Christmas Song Released

Porcelain Christmas Anwyn Musico

The Cover Art for "Porcelain Christmas"

I am so excited to announce the launch of a new songwriting endeavor that I have been working hard at for the last few weeks.

Porcelain Christmas on iTunes:

I wrote a Christmas song a few years ago and realized quite quickly that it was way beyond the range of my own voice. I put it on the back shelf and actually forgot about it! Then a good friend of mine was in touch about creating a Christmas cover CD with his sister Anwyn. They wanted to include an original song and they decided upon my “Porcelain Christmas”. Her voice is truly remarkable. Anwyn Musico has a lot of theatre experience and was even a part of The Sound of Music during its Toronto run.

The song is nostalgic piece that describes that ideal Christmas that we all have in our minds. It reverberates the fact that as we get older, it’s family that truly makes Christmas special and picture perfect.

I really hope you enjoy the song.  I admit that it’s much different then my typical “allergy music”, but it’s a very exciting prospect for me to start writing in different genres in hopes of making more inroads of making music a steady career.


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