Road Trip 2011 – 6 States, 3 Performances, 1 Great Weekend!

What a whirlwind weekend to say the least! After leaving Toronto Thursday morning, I had no idea what to expect on this 3,000km journey down to North Carolina.  When I returned Monday night, I came back feeling somehow completely refreshed, energized, and full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Kyle Dine Road Trip

I love the open road. It’s that sense of adventure filled with new places and people that really gets me going. The drive took my fiancee and I through six states including (in order from my bumper being bug free to completely disgusting…): New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia.

My first performance was for the Loudoun Allergy Network which had a great crowd in the most beautiful library I’ve ever been in. There was a very informal vibe throughout which made it super fun and relaxing. I even tried teaching a few of the kids how to juggle before the show began!

Next up was NCFACES based out of Cary, North Carolina. This was a fun filled show filled with laughs and nearly non-stop dancing by the kids. Tricia Gavankar who is one of the outstanding coordinators for the group provided the most creative introduction I have ever received which got everyone super excited at the beginning. For more on this performance, read the very nice review given by my friend and talented writer Wendy Mondello on her blog.

NCFACES Kyle Dine Concert

Kyle rocking out for NCFACES

Believe it or not, after this performance I managed to squeeze in a wedding of a good friend of mine in Chapel Hill, NC. It was a beautiful ceremony and one heck of a party afterwards!

With a handful of hours sleep in the bank, we headed down to Charlotte for the last performance which was a great cap to the weekend. PAK Charlotte had over 100 people on hand to be a part of an old fashion hand clappin’ foot stompin’ good time! I was blown away by how much everyone appreciated the performance. It seemed the intensity grew during each song until the epic ending where all of the kids were screaming “FOOD ALLERGIES ROCK!” during my finale.

Best part of all….FOX NEWS was there to video tape and featured a news segment of the concert on the news that night. Check it out by clicking here or the picture below.

The trip ended with a special stop on the way North to Pittsburgh. This was an absolute thrill as I am a huge Steelers fan and I got to see Heinz Field. We rented bikes and toured the city and reminisced about all of the incredible moments in a few gorgeous parks. It was a great trip, one that my head is still stuck in. I look forward to going back down south someday and trying to relive this trip! Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip a reality including all of the support group coordinators, families who attended, and my new GPS system! 🙂


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