Happy Food Allergy Mother’s Day!

Allergy Moms….You all Rock! You are an incredibly dedicated bunch of people not only keeping your own children safe, but raising overall allergy awareness in society that benefits all. I applaud you all and thank you.

Last year I sat down and challenged myself to one of the hardest songwriting assignment I have ever taken on. I wanted to create a song expressing my gratitude to my parents for everything they did to keep me safe. I may not have recognized the extent of this when I was younger, but I now fully realize all they did (a heck of a lot!) and how tough it must have been. I wrote the song Ode to Parents to express that all of the love and care that parents give to their children goes a long way, and that it will come full circle.

“As you get older, I’ll get older
As you get wiser, I’ll get wiser
As you grow older, I will care for you”

Enjoy my new music video for Ode to Parents, it is my Mother’s Day gift not only to my mom, but all allergy moms. Enjoy, and have a great day!

If you would like to download Ode to Parents, visit http://www.cdbaby.com/kyledine2


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