The Close Call

I recently wrote a blurb on my Facebook Page about a recent close call I had and received an overwhelming amount of support and encouraging messages. Thank you all!

I wanted to tell a little bit more about the story as blog posts give you much more space to express compared to the 140 character or less social media world.

There was an Indian packaged curry which I have eaten many many times before and feel quite comfortable with. It usually sells out quickly in my grocery store so I usually stock up when they have it (usually grabbing a handful when it’s on sale).  Somehow in this process of grabbing this package, one which didn’t belong (but looked nearly identical)  got tossed into my cart.

Fast forward a few weeks to dinner time at my place. I should point out that my dinners are never too exciting as I have a classic “post-university diet” (still transitioning from KD!) combined with my multiple food allergies. As we were cooking this amazing smelling dinner, my partner took a look at the package to find out how long it should cook for – she noticed something odd in that we were supposed to add cream to the pot.  That seemed really fishy to me as we had never added cream before. I picked up the package and sure enough…CASHEW NUTS were listed as one of the first ingredients.

PLEASE NOTE – I did NOT eat anything. We thankfully noticed before the meal was fully cooked (but were pretty close to dinner time). We were both shocked and a bit shook up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a very vigilant person when it comes to my allergies. I am so brand loyal it hurts, and very rarely ever stray from the foods I know well. I usually always check labels at the grocery store, as well as at home before I eat it. However this was a slip up which not only resulted in a close call, but gave me a wake up call which I likely needed as it’s been so long since I’ve had a near reaction.

Needless to say, vigilance level is at it’s peak right now.  Just another close call story affecting what seems to have a positive effect on safety, and negative effect on anxiety.

C’est La Vie.


3 thoughts on “The Close Call

  1. Ooh, one more thing: I’m ordering your Allergy Translation card in Portuguese soon. I’m going to Brazil in June, and need to be able to convey my peanut and tree nut allergies. Thank you SO much for developing this product.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It truly does go to show that no matter how careful we always are, potential accidents seem to be lurking everywhere. Those with life-threatening food allergies are on high alert pretty much 24-7-365. Think of how many times you have followed your safety protocol to-the-T – it’s incalculable. It was hard to read this without getting a lump in my throat and on the verge of tears. I’m so glad we aren’t reading of an emergency room visit for you.

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