Spokane WA Allergy March

I was really lucky to meet the leaders of the Spokane Food Allergy Support Network (FASN) this past summer.  They are creating some really unique and fun events for families in the area affected by allergies. I really wish I could go to this upcoming event, but it’s just a tad out of my neighbourhood.  Instead I have sent some CD door prizes and a tons of colouring sheets! If you are ever having an event and looking for fun food allergy themed colouring sheets, word searches etc., please be in touch. I also have a few printable fun resources on the kids section of my website:  http://www.kyledine.com/Smellephantstrunk.html

Please click on the graphic below to get all the info for this great initiative out in Spokane, Washington. I wish them all the best with it!




One thought on “Spokane WA Allergy March

  1. For many families, the stress of a food allergy individual in the family leads to depression, anxiety, guilt and indecisiveness. All of this can lead to just plain old fear when trying to feed a family member because of that nagging feeling of uncertainty.

    Lighten the mood a little with some help how to navigate this road to your new life after diagnosis and then sit the family down and have some fun again as a family unit together. It probably does not seem this way now, but you will, with practice, learn how to adjust to this new lifestyle of which foods and which places you will be safe in.

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