Urgent Call to Action – Proposed Food Labelling Regulations May be at Risk

This is VERY important for all Canadians affected by allergies. Please let your voice be heard!

***From Anaphylaxis Canada***

As you may have seen on the weekend, several media outlets reported that the beer industry has come out in strong opposition to the proposed regulatory changes. This opposition by a powerful private interest group threatens to derail final approval of the proposed changes by the federal government. We are deeply concerned with this development and that the regulations might not be passed.

As you know, Anaphylaxis Canada and other community stakeholders have been waiting for two and a half years for these regulations to be enacted  and this is on top of the 10 year campaign for such changes that preceded it.

The public good must take precedence over powerful private interests.

The only way to counter the influence of powerful business groups like the beer industry is to demonstrate the widespread public support for food labelling changes. We therefore seek your urgent assistance again.

1.         If you can, please call Prime Minister Stephen Harper office at (613) 992-4211 as soon as possible.

2.         Please join Allergic Living’s write-in campaign:http://www.allergicliving.com/petitions/food-labelling/

3.         Contact your Member of Parliament. Click here to find your local MP:http://www2.parl.gc.ca/parlinfo/compilations/houseofcommons/memberbypostalcode.aspx?menu=hoc

Please tell the Prime Minister and your MP that people with food allergies and those who shop for them need clearer food labeling on all food packages and beverage labels. It’s a matter of life and death. And public safety is more important than private interests.

Anaphylaxis Canada issued this press release urging the federal government to pass food labelling regulations now:


One thought on “Urgent Call to Action – Proposed Food Labelling Regulations May be at Risk

  1. I got an email about this last night from Allergic Living magazine, but I assume that that it’s only for Canadians, not U.S. citizens. Darn! Well, I hope every Canadian with food allergies will raise their voice!

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