Living Without Magazine features food allergy music

Article in the February/March edition of Living Without Magazine

I am completely honoured,  humbled, and EXCITED 🙂 to be featured in a full article in the newest edition of Living Without magazine. I was so surprised to check my rickety old mailbox and find a whole two page spread of me in a magazine inside!

The article features an interview where I explain why I do what I do, what it was like growing up with food allergies, and quite a few reflective moments about one very serious reaction I had at age 21. The article has some neat insight about what it was like dealing with allergies back in the 80’s – It’s worth checking out just for the picture of me from the early 90’s with my bright neon fanny pack on!

I want to express my sincere thanks to the editor of this wonderful magazine, as well as Wendy Mondello who wrote the article.  Her questions were so much fun to answer, especially the ones where I needed to consult with my parents. This article helped me learn so much about the difficulties they faced when I was first diagnosed with food allergies.  It makes me truly appreciate all that parents do to keep their allergic little ones safe, they will definitely thank you someday! The article features some neat pieces on what it was like dealing with anaphylaxis in the 1980’s!

Five years ago I never, ever, would have guessed music about food allergies would be featured in a magazine. I am thankful every day that people enjoy listening to my songs as much as I enjoy writing them.

Link to article:


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