Happy Canadian in Sunny Arizona

Kyle skating in Arizona

Kyle ice skating on a hot December day in Phoenix

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, I never had the chance to write about my last performance of 2010. Luckily for me, it was in Tempe Arizona.

As I left Toronto, our local weekend forecast was calling for the first blizzard of the year with a ton of snow, and below freezing temperatures. What a pleasant surprise it was to step out of a plane 5 hours later in Phoenix, and having to wipe sweat off of my brow!

I was very fortunate to get asked to perform at the FAAN Walk in Tempe by its organizers. The morning of the event went amazing. They had a great turn out, lots of exhibitors, and the weather…well lets just say I got a tan!

There are so many things I love about FAAN walks, but the one thing that gets me every time are the home made t-shirts that families make for their team. They are so thoughtful, creative, and darn right awesome. They really show that they not only support the cause, but they truly support their allergic loved one.  I’m going to put on my thinking cap to make a general fun shirt for next year’s FAAN walks… possibly a slogan like “I Wanna Walk & Roll All Night!”

The rest of the weekend I enjoyed touring around Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. The two biggest thrills were going to a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game, and ice skating in the middle of downtown Phoenix. The skating rink seemed like a mirage in the middle of a desert. Somehow the ice was decent and I rented a pair of skates for an hour. I met a really nice man who was a hockey buff.  We did some  laps while chatting about the Maple Leafs, Coyotes, to the status of minor league hockey in Arizona. I felt right at home!

At the end of the weekend, I was dragging my feet to the airport. It was such an amazing tropical getaway with many new friends and great memories. Hours later it all seemed like a dream as I picked up a shovel, and cleared a path through the heavy snow into my house.


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