Holiday Temptations

Nut Filled Treats

Many treats at the holidays are quite luring by looking absolutely delicious on the outside

This is the time of year I love best. Quality time with family and friends, a chance to relax, reflect, and create amazing memories.

I have only had one unfortunate Christmas memory which happened to me five years ago on Christmas Day when I had the most severe reaction of my life. I accidentally ate a square which I thought was safe, but contained cashews. There was a breakdown in communication at a family function, I ended up taking a bite out of something that I didn’t think was 100% safe, but followed my stomach rather than my instincts.

I have had close calls at other holiday parties and events since then which has lead me to be extra vigilant around family and friends at this time of year. My family is amazing with my allergies, they really try to keep me safe and I truly appreciate it. However, I really don’t expect them to fully accommodate me. After all, I am a 20 something male and live with my allergies 365 days a year – they only deal with them a handful of days a year.

In the week ahead, I know all of the ingredient lists will be out, and I will make like Santa and be checking them twice.  I have had to “dumpster dive” in the past looking for tossed ingredient labels which usually ends up in smelly mess!  After my bad reaction, things have changed, allergies are a high priority, and my family goes out of their way to make safe options for me. However, I don’t expect this, but it sure feels good to know that they don’t want anyone excluded.

I wish I could say “at least I have eggnog” this year…but am unfortunately allergic to eggs! Instead I will have my favourite treat of the holidays…hot wine!
I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!


One thought on “Holiday Temptations

  1. Silk makes a soy nog, but I put it back on the shelf at the store after reading the label this year. I don’t remember what allergen made it unsafe for my son, maybe tree nut? (I had been so excited, because I wanted to make pancakes for him with it.)

    You may not feel your family should have to completely accommodate you now that you’re all grown up, but you’ll always be their kid! I’m sure it’s their way of showing they love you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought it was awfully sweet the way you described yourself in the comment, since of course I recognized who you were! My son just loves your music, and it was blasting away at our recent food allergy walk in Tampa.

    Thanks for all you do!

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