Halloween Concerts in New York

Kyle Dine, Food Allergy Fun

R!! Even EpiMan got into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween 2010 was an adventure to say the least.

This year I had the opportunity to play two Halloween parties for New York support groups. I also was able to pick up a few school performances in the area which made the trip a whirlwind!

My fiancee and I started on our road trip a tad late considering we had a 9 hour drive ahead of us.  I had a performance in Toronto that morning, and after all was said and done, we got on the road at 4:00pm… We took turns driving and reached a dingy – and I mean dingy hotel two hours outside of New York. We did not have the option of being picky at that point as we were beat from the late night drive. Yes – we actually did do a bed bug check!

We reached New York and had a free day to see the big city. We did the Guggenheim, Central Park, Ground Zero, and the thrill of my day…walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

I had support group performances on Saturday and Sunday which went great. They were both so much fun as it was a combo of concert and Halloween party. Great costumes, great events, great fun!

Food is always a tricky thing on road trips, but we packed a big bag of snacks that would last us for days. However, throughout the trip we had very little difficulties finding places that could cater to my allergies and her gluten-intolerance. I was actually surprised on the amount of celiac awareness we encountered at restaurants. One place had a computer terminal that would tell you what meals are safe/unsafe for people with celiac. Attention all inventors….do this for allergies please!

After an amazing trip filled with lots of fun,  many new friends and stories, it may sound cliche but, I Love New York!


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