The Most Rewarding Night of 2010

Kyle Dine and Food Allergies Rock!Tonight just felt good.

I went over to my producer’s house to hand deliver the CD that we have been working on for countless hours since March.  We listened to the entire CD, track by track while enjoying a couple “pops” as we reminisced on all of the tedious, and hilarious moments that went behind many of the finer details of the songs.

Like any major project, you learn a lot. I’ve learned a lot about myself through the process, especially my capabilities as a musician, and my ability to manage a project of this size effectively from start to finish. Every time I hear these songs for the rest of my life, it will be a constant reminder of the work and dedication that went on behind the scenes by both me,  my talented producer, and many other contributors.

When you hear a catchy guitar riff, I hear hours of messing up practicing it in my basement! When you hear the warm sound of children singing along with a chorus, I hear the telephone calls I had with their parents arranging the logistics of a recording a choir of 8 children. When you see the eye catching artwork and the cute characters, I see the long nights of working with my Fiancee tweaking the smallest details such as the shading on their clothing.

But on nights like tonight, when the project feels truly complete, I can’t help but answer the question “Was it worth it?” with an overwhelming “YOU BET!”

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, who support me on Facebook, and who make me feel that these songs are worth the effort. You make it all worthwhile a hundred times over.

Although the CD is now up on my website, the official “release date” will be OCT 27th as I make a push to gain media attention for the next month so we can spread allergy awareness even further.


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