Houston Dance-a-Thon Food Allergy Event

Last weekend’s “Dance-a-Thon” Allergy Expo in Philadelphia put on by Kids with Food Allergies was a smash hit. There was truly something for everyone as there were tons of exhibitors with helpful products, and a few delicious snacks! As for the kids….lets just say they had a ball while dancing up a storm.

It was great to see the kids dancing (for about an hour straight!), but it was even greater to see kids having fun while connecting with others who  share the same condition. They literally didn’t have a care in the world, and they shouldn’t have. This day was for them, and I tried my very hardest at this performance to make everyone feel special. From getting a chance to share their allergies to the world on the microphone, to holding out their hands to signal stop while singing “Stop! Please Don’t Feed Me!”, they all took advantage of this special day to feel empowered over their allergies.

This event will be happening again on Saturday Oct. 2 in Katy, Texas (Just outside Houston). I strongly encourage anyone in the area with an allergic child to attend.  It will be at the LaCenterra Ranch, but you can get all the details on the Kids with Food Allergies Website.

And if by chance you’re still on the fence about going…this will be my very FIRST performance where I will have my new CDs available for sale. Yay!

PS – Bring your dancing shoes!


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