This SHOULD be the week!

If all goes well, I should be getting my CDs by the end of this week! Whooooooo hoooo! Right now I feel like I used to the week leading up to Christmas Day! It will be similar to Christmas in a way… I will excitedly be opening up boxes, my family will be involved, I might even treat myself to a turkey dinner! 😉

My fingers are crossed that everything will turn out fine on the CD. I am a bit nervous about the artwork since my fiancee and I did it all ourselves, but I don’t think we could have checked over the proofs enough!

I guess that’s what major events are all about, excitement and anxiousness. This will be a long week with those two emotions keeping me plenty distracted!

In the meantime, I will appreciate the extra space in my apartment  before a new wall of boxes is built.


3 thoughts on “This SHOULD be the week!

  1. You two are way too funny!

    It’s Wednesday evening and I don’t see you guys loitering around my house for one of the first copies! 😉

    Can’t wait to share it with you both!

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