Live near Boston? Come to the FAAN Walk!

Hopkinton State Park is definitely one of  my top 3 favourite places I’ve ever performed at. Are all U.S. State parks this beautiful?

Lucky am I to be performing at the Boston FAAN Walk for the 3rd straight year. It’s such a neat experience to be start performing as participants walk far above me on top of a ridge separating a gorgeous lake from a tucked away valley. As they cross the finish line around the bend they are propelled out into the exhibitor and concert area…where all the fun happens!

I’m really looking forward to seeing familiar faces next weekend, but if you live in the area and haven’t gone before, I strongly encourage you come out and enjoy an amazing event. It’s so empowering for kids to be a part of  such a huge event with many other kids affected by food allergies. Not to mention the fact that my concert will hopefully get them dancing enough so they will be zonked come bedtime! 😉

All of the details for the walk on Sunday, Sept. 26th can be found on FAAN’s Walk website:


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