Philadelphia – The City of Allergy Love!

Rocky Balboa stairsWhat a fantastic time I had in Philadelphia this past weekend at the Dance-a-Thon put on by Kids with Food Allergies!

It was a non stop, high intensity, foot stompin’ dance party! It was really a great event, and I encourage anyone in the Houston area to come out to the event on Oct. 2nd. More info on their webpage

This weekend gave me a chance to see Philadelphia for the first time. As funny as it sounds, the # 1 thing to-do on my list was to run up the Rocky stairs.  I used to love those movies and get so inspired by them, especially the training scenes!  I also saw Independence Hall which was staggering (even for a canuck!) in historic significance.

I also discovered my new favourite allergy friendly chain – Chipotle. I had a delicious burrito which helped me reason that passing on a Philly Cheese Steak was excusable… 😉


2 thoughts on “Philadelphia – The City of Allergy Love!

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  2. As another allergic adult, I not only think what you are doing is amazing for allergic children but agree to to amazing Chipotle. One place to go and not cause a scene as I take my own food in. Sometimes when it comes to our situation it feels good to be safe and out of the spotlight of what your eating. Happy Holidays! Hope this was a safe Christmas for you! Keep inspiring! 🙂

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