Kyle Dine’s New CD Cover

Kyle Dine's NEW CD Cover (c) 2010

Here it is folks! Cut the ribbon and lift the curtain, here is the official unveiling of my new CD Cover!

Who is the artist behind this awesome artwork? None other than my fiancee! She is a very talented graphic designer who has put in countless hours on this project. We are both so excited to launch the CD in the fall as it really is a joint project between the two of us.

As you can see, the theme is that kids with allergies can be anything they want to be in life, despite allergies. We came up with the theme wanting children to relate to the characters, and feel empowered that they can dream big,  be safe, and achieve anything that they set their mind to.  I think it’s so cool that each character has their own epi-belt and a medical I.D. bracelet!

I will be having a “name that character” contest on my Facebook page. You can access the gallery and post your name suggestions here:

Please get your kids involved too! It’s a great creative opportunity for families to have a fingerprint on food allergy music history! I will be making my decision on July 17, so make sure to post soon!

Have fun and thanks for your ongoing support!



One thought on “Kyle Dine’s New CD Cover

  1. This new CD cover is too cool — reminds me of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, except with cool allergy characters!! Can’t wait for the CD to come out!

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