Go Go Go! The Final Push!

On my way to the recording studio on my bike...does that make this record carbon neutral?? 😉

Hey Hey!

It’s crunch time! The CD is sounding like….well a CD! Just a few more things to add and we can call it an album! Easier said that done though. I’m spending most of my spare time right now practicing, writing guitar riffs, practicing some more, recording, making percussion rhythms and…you guessed it – practicing!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m loving this process! However it’s starting to take a bit of a toll as I’m starting to miss having spare time to do all of the other things I enjoy in life.  The summer is my favourite time of year so the push is on to get out of an indoor studio as soon as possible, and into the sunny weather!

I have had such a great time making this CD. The picture in this post is of me riding my bike on the way to the studio. I am very lucky in that it’s only a 10 minute bike ride away. I am truly going to miss the bike rides home at a cruising pace after a fulfilling night of recording. Toronto is such a happening city and I am getting so excited to be fully immersed in its fun summer festivals, going to the beach, seeing more Blue Jays games, and hey…maybe relaxing on a patio here and there! The best part will be the fact that I can rest easy knowing I just had the hardest working Spring of my life…which will hopefully all be worth it come this fall.


One thought on “Go Go Go! The Final Push!

  1. Hey Kyle! Your post brings back memories of my days in Toronto where I went everywhere by bike! Hard to believe that was 20 years ago… Yipes. That’s great that the CD is almost done. I can’t wait to hear it and for sure our group will be doing a bulk order and getting you up here to Ottawa to do a concert for our kids!

    Take care,

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