Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group Concert

Food Allergies Rock Baseball Hat

What a great idea for a custom baseball cap!

After playing for a few support groups all over North America this past year, it was such a nice treat to perform down the road from where I live for the Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group (TAEG). It was TAEG’s annual family party which never fails to disappoint. They had stations for button making, colouring, and t-shirt making. The picture on right is of a boy who was inspired by my new song enough to put the title on his custom cap! Love it!!

The performance went well. We had some time at the beginning to do a “pre-show” which turned into an all-request concert! Tons of fun! I know many of the families within this group and felt quite comfortable trying some brand new songs out. It was refreshing to get positive feedback after the show on the song “Never keep a Reaction a Secret” – a message that kids can’t hear enough.

The highlight of the show for me was doing a duet with my EpiMan puppet to the song “EpiMan”!  It’s hard to harmonize with a voice that is squeaky, an octave higher, and completely unpredictable! What a character!

Thanks TAEG for having me back year after year! It’s truly a treat to perform for my local support group!


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