AAIA Food Allergy Fundraising Walk in Windsor

There are few views that make me run for my camera right away to capture…but the waterfront between Windsor and Detroit never fails to provide an incredible backdrop. On Saturday the AAIA had their second annual “Triple A” allergy awareness walk in Windsor. The weather co-operated and helped make this event a big success. It was great to see so many people attend, as well as so many volunteers who gave so much time and effort in helping the walk be a success.

I did a concert at the end which was a ton of fun for kids and parents alike! I got to fine-tune some of my new tunes and they turned out pretty good. It’s so fun to perform outside…it’s much easier to get a dance party going on grass!

My favourite part of the weekend was getting the opportunity to drive with Sara Shannon back to Toronto. She is such an inspirational allergy advocate and a woman I truly admire.  It would have been Sabrina’s 20th birthday that day, and it was very special for me to hear stories about her and learn how incredible she was.

Events like this go a long way in creating more awareness on the severity of allergies, but are so valuable in raising money for well needed food allergy research.


3 thoughts on “AAIA Food Allergy Fundraising Walk in Windsor

  1. Someone still recovering from all that fun I think

    between Windsor and Canada???
    don’t you mean between Windsor and Detroit, given that Windsor was in Canada last time I looked?

    jealous of that quality time with Sara, savor it.


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