Back-up vocals

I have officially lost count of how many sessions I’ve done up until now, it’s safe to say it’s much more than 9!

The last batch has been a lot of fun. I had a session singer come in and do backup vocals on 7 songs. It sounds amazing and is really cool to hear how much more texture a female’s voice adds to the tunes.

Almost done.  Off the top of my head, here is the to-do list in terms of final recordings:
1. Record bass track on 3 more songs
2. Record mandolin on 2 songs
3. Record guitar riffs on a handful of songs
4. Random percussion such as tamborine and wood block
5. A couple back-up vocals by me
6. A fiddle on 3 songs

Doesn’t seem like a crazy amount of work, but I think it should be a few more weeks still. I would love to be done sooner, but I really don’t want to rush through anything to make sure everything sounds perfect!


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