Follow up on Texas Event

Howdy folks,

It’s been a while since I last wrote as I have been scrambling to get back on track after my event in Texas. The work/life/music balance is starting to even out again…and I’m also starting to get some time to watch the NHL playoffs which makes me one happy lad!

The Texas school broadcast performances went great! It was so different playing to cameras and watching children bopping to the songs on TV monitors. I made the shows very interactive for off-site audiences by including quiz questions throughout, testing their food allergy knowledge.

I am still waiting to hear the final numbers, but as of two days before the shows, the expected audience was………25,000 students! That’s huge! What really puts this in perspective for me is the fact that I reached more students with my allergy awareness messages in 1 hour than I have all together in the last 3 years. It’s starting to make me look for more strategies that involve 2 birds and 1 stone.

The biggest thrill of the broadcast was that Trace Adkins thanked me at the end via pre-recorded video before setting up his PSA for FAAN. I have never met a big celebrity, let along have one say my name…I gave a few high fives right at that moment!

That same day (after a few coffees)  I had a performance at the Houston Children’s Museum for the SAFER Support Group. It was such a fun concert! The acoustics were so great in the theatre I did not even need to mic my guitar. During my last song “Food Allergies Rock!” I was actually out in the audience singing with the kids! What a hoot!

I met so many amazing people on this trip especially the family that housed me for the weekend. I truly had a blast during the whole weekend and really wish I could have stayed longer. I really hope I’ll get the chance to perform in Houston again someday…and next time hopefully manage to get over to Austin where I’ve heard the music scene is incredible!


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